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Lymm V Manc. Trinity

The final game of the season was upon us and already crowned champions Lymm traveled in relaxed fashion on a fine spring afternoon.

With David 'Neston chairman' Antonelli taking up management and Phillip 'no yellow' Griffiths putting himself into umpiring duties Lymm’s midfield was slightly different with Vaughan taking up the puppet master role (Back diamond), The Ice man (Si Akrill), Left, Hood right and Andrea Hunt top.

The game started as many would have predicted, Lymm laid back with Manchester applying pressure to the back four of Arrowsmith, Cook, Brownsword and Graham with Huddart In goal ensuring the scored stayed 0-0 with some fine goalkeeping.
Lymm slowly began making some progress and attacked and after 5 minutes Vaughan swapped with Hunt due to hunt being too deep, and Lee 'the sneak' Vaughan being bored. Lymm soon carved a few chances through the hardworking Jones and Mistry but couldn’t find the goal they deserved.

It took a Arrowsmith short corner to break the deadlock, after a few blocked shots and a scramble arrowsmith showed good composure to slot home before half time.

The 2nd half saw a similar Lymm performance in slowing the game down, happy to settle at 1-0. Manchester continued to press but couldn’t break down the solid defensive unit meaning any chances created were easily dealt with.

A few bad tackles were being displayed by a frustrated trinity side with captain hunt getting taken clean out only for umpire Griffiths to be seen laughing and waving play on. Game finished and Lymm celebrated winning the championship in undefeated fashion. Beer was drunk, ice was passed around and some people went home early due to being ILL!!!

26th Mar 2011, 13:30 push back, Away Trinity High School

League: Won 1-0

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