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About Lymmhockey

The History of Our Club

It has come to light that the modern club formed in 2005 was not the first hockey club in Lymm. It is almost certain that hockey was played during 1913-14 season. The Pictures below are thought to be linked to Jessie Pearson, who's parents, William and Mary Pearsons, ran the Grocers Shop; Bergen's in Lymm around 1913. The Photos have handwritten on the back, "Lymm 1913-14" and "Lymm Ladies Hockey & Altrincham Boys Club 1913".

The Modern LYMM HOCKEY CLUB – in 2005 there was an idea......

Toward the end of the Winter of 2005, Andrew Scowcroft floated an idea to Stewart Buckeridge of the potential for a Hockey Club based at Lymm. The  idea germinated and later that year the Buckeridges and the Scowcrofts met to put together initial plans on how to form a Lymm based hockey club capable of ‘surviving’ in the lowest possible league.

The aim was quite simple. We wanted to create a club that people would enjoy playing with (and against) by supporting traditional sporting values on  the pitch combined with a strong social element at the clubhouse.

For this to happen we needed members, a pitch to play on and last but not least, a clubhouse to call home.


Initially there was Stewart Buckeridge and Andrew Scowcroft (plus their wives), with good ideas on how to recruit the type of players that would form a  good social team.

The first person on the list was a long standing friend to them both, Mark Ham.

To their surprise and privilege, Mark not only said he would play, but recognised the need for financial guidance and promptly volunteered to be treasurer.

A fourth committee member (and crucial one too) was also found in the form of Mrs Jo Bukceridge for the role of Club Secretary. Jo’s accountancy background helped organise all the documentation required for our meetings, league affairs and membership procedures.

Later that summer, through carefully timed questioning of neighbours and friends (i.e. when they were under the influence) membership was boosted  up to 8.

An amazing early statistic was that 5 from our first 8 members had not played hockey before!

Then a stroke of fortune occurred. Word on the grapevine was that David Antonelli might be looking to join a club and may be worthy of a prospective phone call. A question was punted to David that he might want to help form a club. That made our numbers up to 9 and later summer we all met to see if we could bring together a team that could play every week.

From that point, without realising it at the time, our club had taken a significant step in a different, more aspirational direction. David’s experience at the top level of the sport, combined with his passion for the game helped to take us from a ‘social’ team to becoming the club we are today.

With this fateful turning point behind us, recruiting seemed to get easier as ex playing colleagues turned up and the school even contributed by helping us locate our first goalkeeper Mark Paterson and another quality player in the form of teacher, James Gibbons.

A pitch to play on

The intention was always to play on Lymm High School’s astro turf. We were pleased to hear that the pitch was being refurbished and once bookings had been confirmed, another important building block had been put in place. Louaz Hofton, Anna Bobbett, Vicki Underwood and headmaster Roger Lounds should always be remembered for their support during this period.

The pitch was also needed for training as well as match days so when Ben Hodkinson joined our ranks, we had the services of one of the best qualified coaches in the region.

A clubhouse to call home

In parallel to recruiting members and finding playing facilities, we needed a clubhouse. Previous introductions to the club had come from the late Malcolm Blinkhorn and from that point on the dye was cast.

Initial meetings with the Rugby Chairman John Hopkinson, Club Manager Rick Condo and Peter Cornelia soon made us aware that there was a friendly place to call our home.

The club will always be indebted to Malcolm Blinkhorn and the Rugby Club Committee for making us so welcome and for providing us with the best clubhouse in the North West.

Push Back – 10th September 2005

So with all the preparations put into place for our fledgling club to take flight, a friendly game was arranged against Sale 3rd team. At 2.15 p.m. Andrew Scowcroft pushed the ball back to complete the first phase of an incredible journey for Lymm Hockey Club.

First Lymm Team 2005

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